Picking the Perfect Wedding Date

What's in a date? Picking the perfect date is tough. Once you decide what time of the year you want to get married, here's some important ideas to keep in mind when narrowing down a specific date.

I'm sure picking your wedding date can seem overwhelming, to say the least! And nobody but the two of you can decide on that. But here are some important tips to help you decide on the perfect day, place and time!

1. The day of week you pick could make the difference on how much you pay and who attends. Saturday is usually the preferred day. But on Saturday night you will pay the most for any services you use from reception hall, DJ/Band, caterer etc. You may also pay more for the minister and venue as well. Of course Saturday will be the most attended. Your guests are most accustomed to attending a Saturday wedding. Many people are off work on Saturday, and then have Sunday off, which allows for travel and rest. However, Friday evening can save you substantial money because often services are at a reduced rate plus many people cannot get off work and make it to a wedding. Friday night weddings are usually later affairs to allow for people to get off work and make it. Many times that also limits attendance or how late people stay.

Sunday often times can be even more of a cost saver with weeknights being the least expensive in both services and attendance.

Be sure to ask if you are planning a wedding that falls over a holiday, because the prices can be quite a bit higher on a holiday weekend. And keep in mind, weekends that are recognized as national events but not necessarily days that people have off work, such as Mother's day, Father's day, and Valentine's day can fetch higher vendor prices because florists, for instance are slammed with more work than they can handle and have to hire additional help, which can add to the bottom line of your expense.

2. Keep in mind the season. A winter wedding in Missouri will cost less than a spring, summer or fall wedding. But you have to measure the cost savings carefully, because you could have a huge snowstorm!

Time of the wedding. A Saturday during the day reception will generally cost less because the vendors may possibly charge a little less, however you would have to end by a very specific time so they could provide the higher costs services to another couple. Saturday day weddings will experience less alcohol consumption, and would be more widely accepted as a non alcoholic party, which can be a cost savings, however, they also might be perceived as a milder party.
Of course Sunday and weekday weddings are going to be less attended and finish earlier than Friday or Saturday night weddings.

And don't forget to check to see what days might affect your family. Keeping in mind, anniversaries, and birthdays of your family members can relieve heart ache in the end. Asking someone in the family, if they mind if you choose a date that has meaning for them, puts them in the loop. It's hard to say "no" if someone asks, and it keeps resentful feelings from popping up later because you asked prior to making plans!